Nothing about us without us? Civic participation after '89. 5th March

PART 1 (9.30 – 11.30)

  1. Michał Brol Participation of youth in decision-making processes
  2. Kalina Zahova -Aspects of Socialist Culture as Perceived by Post-Socialist Youth of Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria
  3. Ko Winne Civil Society and Democratic Responsiveness in Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic
  4. Yuriy Petrushenko - Bologna process as a translator of European cultural values into Ukrainian educational system

PART 2 (12.00-14.00)

  1. Sebastian Wacięga The unrealized potential of Polish civil society. How to get closer to cooperative culture?
  2. Jan Meisel-Dobrzański Historical development and the future of NGOs in Poland –organizational perspective
  3. Karol Haratyk /Tamara Jurewicz The Transformation of (and) Participation. The Case of the Tenants Movement - Are Poles Able Fight for What Is Theirs?
  4. Victoria Dunaeva, The role of  informal cultural initiatives in the development of local community in the period of transformation. Poland and Russia - comparative analysis

PART 3 (16.00 – 18.00)

  1. Michała Chlebicki - Traditional cultural institutions in the face of transformation
  2. Yaroslav Pasko Normative Legitimization of Civil Society Values: On the Specificity of Civil Life in Ukraine
  3. Alicja Kowalska Forgotten heroes and decline of hope in Polish civil society after 1989
  4. Marta Żerkowska-Balas Is Polish Voter Rational? - an empirical test