Effects of transformation on the economy


Effects of transformation on the economy. (sala 2.09)

PART 1 (10.15 – 12.15)

  1. Chris O'Neill, Poland's mass privatization program: institutions versus the market
  2. Melnikov Dmitry, The joint- stock companies and Russian industry today: interaction between national, collective, regional and personal interests
  3. Svitlana Sudyn, Foreign direct investment in Ukraine

PART 2 (12.30-14.00)

  1. Jahangir Kakharov, Privatization of Corporations in Uzbekistan in Comparison with Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe
  2. Hanna Danilovich,Extent and Limits of Enterprise Autonomy in Belarus
  3. Renata Osowska, The influence of systemic transformation and EU accession on entrepreneurial behavior in Poland

PART 3 (15.30 – 17.00)

  1. Irina Marin, The Rebirth of Regionalism in East-Central Europe: The Case of the Banat of Temesvár
  2. Anna Zagrebina, Intergenerational transfers and intergenerational altruism in transformation of social institutes and processes