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UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

The UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies is one of the world's leading specialist institutions, and the largest national centre in the UK, for the study of Central, Eastern and South-East Europe and Russia. More than 60 academic staff work at UCL SSEES, teaching and conducting research in the history, economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, culture, literature and languages of the countries of the region.

Council of Scientific Circles

Bratniak Foundation

Student's Monhtly "Manko"


Participants hace an opportinity to publish their papers on the website opcit.pl

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Portal Uniaeuropejska.org

Portal Uniaeuropejska.org zajmuje się tematyka związana z integracją europejską, wspiera inicjatywy mające za zadanie propagowanie wiedzy o Unii Europejskiej oraz dostarcza rzetelnych analiz oraz opinii.

Portal Uniaeuropejska.org

Miesięcznik Studencki "Manko"